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Massage Abudhabi- Did you Know?

Abudhabi Massage
There is legend Bob Hope who lived for 100 years old and felt 100 years young, have had massage daily as routine to ensure he was healthy.

Our body Skin has over 5 million touch receptors and out of which 3000 receptors are in finger tip.

You know our touch stimulates the release of natural pain killers which is called endorphin’s, hence it is very good for children skinned knee if hugged by mother.

Touch can possibly can lower the heart beat and also helps in keeping low blood pressure. It is cited that touch is something which develops first sense in humans and also the last to disappear.

Massage therapy plays vital role in lowering various disorders like depression, sleeping illness, Back pain and may more that we come across.

It also helps the athletes and sports man to keep away from a lot of injury that they face. It increases the flexibility and gives a lot of energy and power which is very important as an sportsman or athlete.

One of the popular massage Abudhabi is Swedish massage with body to body massage in AbuDhabi along with Thai Massage therapy.

The people who do massages for children are rated with good moods and high level esteem.

The Massage  Therapy was officially announced as one of the most important medical Services in Summer Olympic 1996.

Some of the reasons why people indulge in massage therapies is to relax, replenish, remove stress and tensions, stiffness, to relive the soreness in the muscles and also various another reasons.

Many experts have recommended to have a massage therapy as adjunct to make a healthy living and improve the blood circulation.

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